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Classes are open to all, you do not need to enrol in a cheer team/class to participate. Prior experience/existing skills not required- this is where we build our athletes skills from the ground up! Bookings are taken year round, however please note class sizes are limited to 12 athletes to ensure the safe progression of your child. Please call 0800 CHEERL or email for assistance with completing your booking or for more information.


Level 1
Roll, cartwheel and walkover like a pro! Learn the building blocks of all higher level tumbling while developing your body strength & control. 

Forwards roll, backwards roll, handstand, cartwheel, roundoff, back walkover, front walkover

Level 2
Handspring your way to success! Perfect your fundamentals, increase strength & control and learn about aerial awareness. 

Standing back handspring & running back handspring (series), front handspring, front walkover front handspring, combination series front/back walkover to back handspring, standing & running back handspring step out

Level 3
Flip like a pro in our tuck class! Learn to flip in the air with no hand support & more challenging series/combinations. 

Standing backhandspring series, jump to back handspring series, roundoff backhandspring back tuck, punch front, side aerial

Level 4
Got your flip? Learn to lay it out and connect your skills in a more challenging series of combination tumbling. 

Standing tuck, standing backhandspring series to tuck/layout, roundoff backhandspring layout, whips, punch front step out, front handspring front. 

Level 5
Twist it! Learn to add up to two twists in your lay out as well as elite combination passes. 

Backhandspring series to full/double, One to full, Standing full, Roundoff backhandspring full/double full, Arabian, standing & running combination passes ending in full/double. 


Flex, Stretch, Jump! 


Stretch, flex and jump with us each week to gain the strength and flexibility needed to perform all elements of your routines safely. Not just for flyers, everyone can benefit from added strength, plyometric and flexibility training to achieve championship level performances and minimise the chance of injury. 


Open Gyms 


Jump, flip and have a whole lot of fun in our fully equipped facilities under the supervision of a qualified coach. Open gyms are not a formal class but a great opportunity for athletes to come into the gym to work independently at their own pace