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Competitive teams

All our teams are amazing and EVERYONE makes a team :).

 Competitive teams have open entry but there are requirements:

 Requirements for entry to a competitive team

Commitment – You need to come to training and work hard while you are there

Team player, you need to be willing to be a team player -  Cheerleading is a team sport 

Clothing – You need gear that is safe to train in-

By the end of term one you need to have victory tee shirt, Appropriate shorts/ leggings , suitable shoes for cheerleading .

 Support- Someone to help you get to cheerleading and meet your commitments

 Someone to pay the invoice (on time) – examples

One and half hours a week - $135.00 per term

Optional tumble - $85.00

 Competition costs – From term 2 on

Competition uniform   -  $180 - $200  (changed on average every 3 -4 years)

Comp bow $20.00.  Music fees and team makeup $5 - $20 depending on makeup of team

Competition fees – One local and one away comp.  Approx $65 a comp

 Access to the internet  - We use email a lot you will need the internet to stay informed and up to date….

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For more information on our competitive teams contact us