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Elite Team Information

Elite Teams and Competitive teams

Competitive teams are open entry - all that is requried is commitment to attend all trainings.  These teams compete against other teams of similar skills.

Placement on our Elite teams is done by trial or invitation.

We have elite teams for level 1 through to level 4

They generally train twice a week.

The way we choose our teams and how they are put together is a coach decision and not a parent decision. Cheerleaders are placed on teams based not only on their skills but also on what skilsl the team needs. Cheerleaders are placed on teams based on what best both for them and the team. Cheerleading is a team sport and we make decisions on what is best for the team and then the individual. Attitude and commitment are also considered.

Rest assured,every athlete who attends team placements will be placed on a team which best suits them!

If you are new to the Elite Programme please read through our All Star ELITE Handbook as it has all information on what you need to know when joining an elite team.

Important Documents