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As a team member, you are now an ambassador for All Star. This means you will be held to the highest standard of behavior when attending any All Star events including practices, competitions, social events and performances. We know that you will do your best to represent All Star in the most positive way and contribute to your team this season. Please review this Athlete Code of Conduct for all of our expectations in regards to behaviour, uniform, sportsmanship etc.


1. All athletes will be expected to respect the coaches’ judgments and instructions and are also responsible for cooperating with their teammates and other participants

2. No athlete/participant is to attempt or is permitted to teach any form of cheerleading/gymnastics or spot skills without receiving proper training and express permission from a head coach (this includes parents).

3. No athlete/participant is to use the gym equipment unless authorized by a staff member.


1. Attendance at all trainings, extra-trainings, competitions and performances is mandatory for Elite team members. (please note Elite teams train in the October school holiday period)

2. Missing any team event for the following reasons is not acceptable for Elite team members: Social Events, Other sports or co-curriculars, school work (athletes must learn to manage their time effectively), Injury, Mild/Non-contagious sickness, overtired etc.

3. It is not acceptable for parents to punish their child by making them miss a cheerleading practice as this effects the whole team.

4. If an athlete is sick or injured we still require them to attend, however; they may sit out of training and watch for changes to choreography & positioning.

5. Missing team events for major illness or bereavement or NCEA assessment field trip is acceptable. Please notify your coach should this occur.

6. In the event that an athlete does miss a team event or training they may be re-positioned in the routine in order to avoid further disruption to the progress of other team members.

7. Should an athlete need to miss a training for one of the reasons above, please fill out the absence request form and return it to your head coach or gym manager for approval. Note: No absence requests will be approved in the 4 weeks leading up to any competition or the 8 weeks leading up to any international tour.

8. Our attendance policy is in place to ensure the safety and progress of all team members. We understand that family time is important and we encourage cheerleaders to have interests outside of cheerleading. We also hope to use this policy to teach our cheerleaders the importance of commitment and time management. We thank you in advance for your support in this endeavor. If there are unexcused absences this may affect your position in the routine or you may be asked to leave the team.


1. Cheerleading Shoes must be worn in the gym at all times---no bare feet, sock feet, or slippers.

2.Athletes must be attired in the scheduled team training gear at every practice unless otherwise advised by the coaching staff.

3.Hair must be clean and tied back from the face in a high pony tail with practice bow

4.All athletes/participants must remove all jewelry before training begins. This is for your safety and the safety of those around you.

Gym Rules

1. Personal items should be placed in the changing area or cubby holes and not on the gym floor.

2. Food and drink are allowed only in designated areas. Please no glass containers. ABSOLUTELY NO FOOD OR DRINK on the cheer floors.

3. NO GUM is allowed in the gym.

4. All athletes/participants MUST accounted for with your coach for each class. This is an OSH regulation so that we know who we have in the class at any given time should a disaster occur.

5. All cell phones and ipads etc must be turned off once practice starts. authorisation for use of devices by athletes must be given byt he coach.

6. Do not bring items of value to the gym.) All Star is not responsible for lost or stolen items.


1. Lateness will not be tolerated. Athletes should arrive 15 minutes in advance of their scheduled class time.

2. Athletes must be changed into appropriate practice gear with jewelry removed at by the time class begins.

3. ALL participants must stay in the waiting area until his/her class begins.


1. Disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated. This includes, but is not limited to the following:

(a)The use of inappropriate language towards another athlete, coach, parent or staff member;

(b) Inappropriate comments made about or to another athlete, coach, parent or staff member;

(c)Lack or cooperation or willingness to participate positively in class sessions;

(d)Bullying other athletes, coaches, staff members or parents affiliated with All Star Cheerleaders either within scheduled training time or in your own time;

(e)Poor sportsmanship or negative comments towards other competition teams whether at practice, competition or in your own time.

Please note: This policy applies to all internet or social media sites.

2. Physical Violence or any kind of behavior which is in violation of any governing law will result in the athlete(s) in question being asked to leave the programme.

3. All Star Cheerleaders has a zero tolerance policy for bullying or negative behavior of any kind. We are committed to teaching our athletes positive behavior and reaction strategies; however, should this behavior continue to effect the team and its affiliates the athlete(s) in question will be asked to leave the programme for the emotional and physical safety of others involved.

4. All Star may dismiss or suspend any athlete for the following reasons:

(a) Possessing, using, or being a party to any illegal drug, controlled substance, or drug paraphernalia;

(b) Committing any act which would be considered an offence under any governing law;

(c) Talent level, fitness level or lack of improvement;

(d) For attitude problems, personality conflicts and disrespectful behavior towards coaches, team management, staff, cheerleaders, parents or anyone involved with the All Star program including but not limited to derogatory remarks, spiteful comments, unsportsmanship behavior, coercing team members to quit or join another program;

(e) Harassment either verbally, written texted, emailed, blogged or posted on the web or communicated in any other means.

5. Anyone threatening to quit will be asked to leave immediately. And NO refund will be given.


1. Cheerleaders must respect all opponents, judges and officials - treat them as you would a guest.

2. Athletes should display positive public action at all times – applause at the end of performances, maintain enthusiasm, composure and serve as a role model.

3. Athletes must never make derogatory remarks, gestures, boo, hiss, yell or use profanity at other teams and do not respond to this kind of behaviour from others.