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March 2015
Feedback from Mighty March Market - hi to all those lovely girls that performed at Waikanae School on Saturday. Working at the school I just wanted to pass on that we had great feedback particularly about how well behaved everyone was and how entertaining the performance was - so well done all those involved and keep up the good work! Jan Crafts

July 18

 Just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU to the All Star Victory team that took our holiday program today. I know there was more than expected BUT all the kids loved it and wanted to stay longer!! Thanks Motu

July 19 

 So nice that all you girls made the younger girls welcome. Thanks!

October 19 

 Caitlin McLeod is a wonderful inspiration to my Zoe. You have done a wonderful job

October 30

I was so so proud of ALL the Victory Teams last night, I just love being part of a club that are so supportive of each other and every team. Well done Victory, you are making such a good name for yourselves in our local community, thanks Caitlin McLeod


October 30

Thank you to all of the victory family who gave our little girls the support & encouragement for their first performance!


November 4th - After the Cheerbrandz INterantional Cheer and Dance Competition 

What an awesome weekend! Thank you so much to Caitlin McLeod andJulie McLeod and everyone who took part and did their bit - my daughter has benefitted so much from being part of the Victory club. Lara has come so far since she started last year, she lives and breathes cheerleading and I can't wait to see where to from here. To all the girls and guys who are part of Victory, you are amazing. I love the spirit of this club and that coupled with the discipline, support and encouragement given makes for a winning combination. Like all the other parents, I am a very proud mum!!


Thank you so much caitlin for all the hard work and effort you have put into us.. There are no words do say how thankful i am.. Im so proud of everyone every team placed and tigermoths got grand champs  im so happy im in victory and i wouldnt trade it for the world everyones so supportive of eachother and does their very best at everything xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxo i love you guys xx


Hay I would like to put a big thank you out to Caitlin McLeod and Julie McLeod for putting together a fantastic group of people. Also thanks to the older girls and boys for looking after the younger ones. My Zoe always looks up to you guys and it is very comforting to see all of you looking after them. Keep up the good work everyone and well done!!!