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Class Schedule

Please find our timetable below for all of our recreational classes, elite teams, school teams and extra tuition classes for 2017

Recreational Classes ($155/term, 1.5hrs a week)


Shooting stars: 5-6.30pm (Ages 11yrs and under)

Semi Elite Teams ($260/term, 3hrs a week)


Youth 1 (Firecrackers): 5.00-8.00pm (Ages 11yrs and under)

Senior 1 (Charge): 5.00-8.00pm (Ages 10yrs and up) 


Elite Teams ($330/term, 4.5hrs a week, $420/term, 6hrs a week)


Senior 2 (Pulse): 5-6.30pm (Ages 10-18yrs)

Wednesday (Huntly Gymnastics)

Senior 2 (Pulse): 5.30-8.30pm (Ages 10-18yrs)

Senior 3 (Riot): 6-9pm (Ages 10-18yrs)


Senior 3 (Riot): 6-9pm (Ages 10-18yrs)

School Teams

Waikato Diocesan: Monday 7-8.30pm (At the School)

St Peters Diamonds (Senior): Tuesday & Thursday 3.30-5pm (At the School)

St Peters Diamonds (Prep): Tuesdays 3.30-5pm & Friday 12.45-1.45pm (At the School)

Cambridge High Tumble class: Fridays 3.30-4.30pm (At the School)


If you are interested in a school team please contact Michelle on