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Elite Cheer

Competitive cheer teams teach life values that extend far beyond the mat. Teamwork, reliability, accountability and tolerance are just some of the critical skills our athletes learn training in cheerleading's unique team setting. We offer a range of competitive cheerleading team options which provide for different, age, ability, time and financial commitments. Evaluations for competitive team placements are available year round, please contact us to book on 0800 CHEERL or

Semi elite:
Intermediate level competitive teams that prepare cheerleaders for elite teams. Semi elite cheerleaders come once a week for 2hrs for their cheer training just like our pre elite athletes however they are also required to challenge their skill level by taking an additional 1hr tumbling class per week. 

Elite teams:
By try out only, these teams are based on age and ability. Our elite teams train twice a week for 2hours at a time. Elite cheerleaders are also required to take one of our additional tumbling classes to help them continue to progress their tumbling technique and skills.