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Team Placement Information

2015/2016 Elite Team Placement Info 

2015/2016 Elite Team Placements are coming up in just a few weeks!! If you are currently on an Elite team, or would like to be, come along to Elite team placements on one of the following dates!

Team placements will take place in a stress-free, low pressure environment in which everyone will get a chance to show off the skills they have learned this year!!

Athletes will be asked to show their Jumps, Standing and Running tumble and may be asked to Stunt. Flyers will show their body positions and flexibility. Everyone is welcome in our Elite programme, whether it is your first or your fifth year cheerleading or if you come to us with experience from gymnastics, aerobics or dance there is a place for you! EVERYONE makes a team!

Please note that ALL current Elite athletes are required to attend team placements even if you are not wanting to move teams. If you are not able to make your team placement date please notify your coach or gym manager, however, it is our preference that everyone attends the set date as this helps us to create the best teams possible for everyone!

If you are new to the Elite Programme please read through our All Star ELITE Handbook as it has all information on what you need to know when joining an elite team.

Important Documents


All Star ELITE Handbook 2015/2016




How are decisions about team placements made?

Team placements and cheerleader movements can be a difficult time not just for our cheerleaders who get anxious and nervous but also for our coaching staff. We like to keep everyone happy as much as is possible, but with team placements and team movements this is never the case. Please understand that the way we choose our teams and how they are put together is a coach decision and not a parent decision. If a cheerleader does not have the skills to be on a particular team then as a coach we have the right to put them on whatever team we think is best both for them and the team. Cheerleading is a team sport and we make decisions on what is best for the team and then the individual. Rest assured, however, that every athlete who attends team placements will be placed on a team which best suits them! 

Why do the requirements to make a particular level often change?

We often receive complaints that the requirements for teams change, and that we are constantly lifting the level required to make each team. We are proud of this fact as it proves that our program is working and that our cheerleaders are constantly improving and progressing to be at the top of their level. It was only 5 years ago that if you had a back handspring you made our top level five team, to make that team now you would need to have a full.

Please be assured that no-one gets passed-over due to favouritism, if the cheerleader has the skills then they make the team. We do sometimes make exceptions for cheerleaders who don’t exactly match the requirements and again this is a coaching decision. We ask that parents accept our decisions and trust that we know what is best for our teams. Please refrain from making comments to others about the skill level of other cheerleaders.

When can I move teams?

Generally cheerleaders will stay in their team after team placements for a full competition season/year, regardless of what skills they attain during that year. This means that if you get the skills to be on a level 4 team you would not be moved immediately you would need to wait until the next tryout. This is so we keep the teams consistent for a full competition season/year. However, when positions become available in a team due to injury or someone leaving we do need to fill these spots and we will privately invite cheerleaders to trial for these positions. Please note this is the exception and not the rule and where possible we try not to move cheerleaders mid-season. We also reserve the right to trial new cheerleaders joining our gym.

When are exceptions made?

Sometimes positions are available on a team which require cheerleaders with exceptional skills in a specific area. For example a team may need a certain stunt position to be filled and therefore an exception might be made to tumble requirements in that situation. Please note all exceptional decisions are made after significant deliberation amongst the coaching staff and are not taken lightly. All coaching decisions are final.

Why can't I be on the same team as my friends?

In the past we have been asked by parents to move cheerleaders teams based on what teams their friends are in or their carpool group and many other reasons. As a parent/cheerleader we appreciate your feedback but when it comes to choosing our teams this is something that we put a lot of work and thought into and is not up for negotiation.

We don’t place cheerleaders on teams based on where their friends are. These are the top teams in New Zealand and we will not put cheerleaders in teams because that is where their social group is. At the elite level we do not view cheerleading as a social activity, but as a competitive sport.