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Teams & Classes

We offer a range of classes to introduce children and young people to the benefits of sport cheerleading. In our classes your child will learn basic stunt, tumbling, jump and dance skills in a team based environment. Class length ranges from 45mins to 2hrs according to age and ability. To book, please call 0800 CHEERL or email Bookings are accepted year round.

Sparkles is our pre school cheer programme designed for your little one who loves to move! Sparkles is a fun way to get out and meet other parents while your preschooler explores music, movement, balancing, rolling, jumping and dancing. Classes are 45mins long. 

Cheer Basics:
This is a fun team that does not compete, cheerleaders come once a week for an hour and learn all of the skills of cheerleading without the committment to competitions. This is a great place to start to give cheerleading a go, or if you are wanting to start a team mid season. 

Beginner level competition teams where the focus remains on fun and mastery of the basic skills of cheerleading. Cheerleaders come once a week for an hour. Cheerleaders compete a short compulsory routine in a t-shirt and shorts against other Superstar teams. We recommend anyone new to cheerleading who wishes to join a competitive team to begin in a Superstar team. 

Beginner level competition teams for the beginner seeking more challenge, these teams come once a week for 1hr 30. Star teams are split by age as follows:
Twinkles: 4-6yrs
Shining: 6-8yrs
Shooting : 9-12yrs
Rising: 10-18yrs
Star Cheerleaders purchase their first competitive cheerleading uniform and compete a basic cheerleading routine in the beginner division appropriate to their age at Auckland based competitions. 

Pre Elite:
Beginner level pre elite teams provide an excellent foundation for cheerleaders looking for a little more challenge from their competition routine and class. These teams train once a week for 2hrs and will compete a choreographed 2min routine which showcases the teams strengths (as opposed to a compulsory routine) in the beginner division at Auckland based competitions during the year including Cheerbrandz NZ Nationals. 

Semi elite:
Intermediate level competitive teams that prepare cheerleaders for elite teams. Semi elite cheerleaders come once a week for 2hrs for their cheer training just like our pre elite athletes however they are also required to challenge their skill level by taking an additional 1hr tumbling class per week. 

Elite teams:
By try out only, these teams are based on age and ability. Our elite teams train twice a week for 2hours at a time. Elite cheerleaders are also required to take one of our additional tumbling classes to help them continue to progress their tumbling technique and skills. 

From rolls to double fulls we teach it all in our brand new tumbling class programme. Tumbling classes are not just for cheerleaders and are open to all. Athletes are placed in the level class that best matches their ability: 
Level 1- Rolls, handstands, bridges, walkovers, cartwheels and roundoffs (no pre-requisite)
Level 2- Backhandspring & Roundoff backhandspring (pre-requisite front and back walkover, roundoff)
Level 3- Backhandspring series, Front tuck, Side aerial, Roundoff backhandspring back tuck (pre-requisite backhandspring, roundoff back handspring series)
Level 4- Standing tuck, Backhandspring tuck, Roundoff backhandspring layout (pre-requisite Backhandspring series, Front tuck, Side aerial, Roundoff backhandspring back tuck)
Level 5- Jumps to back, Two to full, Roundoff backhandspring full, standing full, one to full, roundoff backhanspring double full, arabians & more! (pre-requisite two to layout, specialty pass ending in lay out, standing tuck)

Flex, Stretch, Jump: 
It all starts with a strong body! Flex, stretch and jump with us each week to create the strong body you need to perform routine elements with high level of perfection. Suitable for all ages and abilities. 

Open Gyms: 
Jump, flip and have a whole lot of fun in our fully equipped facilities. Open gyms are not a formal class but a great opportunity for athletes to come into the gym to work independently at their own pace. Open to everyone!