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Schools Requirements

Eligibilty: All team members must be currently enrolled in the participating school. Team members must also be enrolled in the designated years described for each division (example: A year 8 may not compete in the Secondary School division).
Primary School (Years 1-6)
Intermediate School (Years 7-8)
Secondary School (Years 9-13).

Numbers: minimum of 8 participants and max of 36 participants.

Gender: May be all female, all male or mixed gender.

Dress: Attire should be reflective of the cheerleading style.

Performance Area: 9 run standard Matted Cheerleading Competition Floor (not sprung).

Time Limit: Level 1 Restricted maximum length is 2mins, Level 1 – 2 maximum length is 2:30.

Divisions: To provide a level playing field and to ensure the safety of the athletes, the competition will be split into USASF/IASF divisions based on ability and team size. Divisions may be split and or combined once all entries are received. The following divisions will be available: Level 1 Restricted, Level 1 & Level 2.

Division Rules: Cheerleading is governed by the USASF/IASF Level rules which for safety reasons sets out what skills are permitted at each level. For full detailed information please read the rules: