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We love the sport of cheerleading and are super passionate about empowering young people to be confident, self motivated, successful young adults. We believe that great people are created in the sport of cheerleading.
We use positive coaching to shape and develop happier healthier children. We provide a fun, safe environment which celebrates mistakes and failures as learning opportunities. We build resilience by teaching how to cope with failures, we teach perseverance through the value of hard work and we teach optimism by focusing on the small wins and looking for the positive in every situation.
“I can accept failure, everyone fails at something.  But I can’t accept not trying…I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.”   – Michael Jordan
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From forward rolls and cartwheels to double fulls we teach it all in our tumbling class programme.  Athletes progress at their own pace following our unique progression system. Tumble and flip upside down and have a whole lot of fun in our fully equipped facilities! Tumbling classes are not just for cheerleaders they are open to everyone and all ages from 4 years.

Introducing CheerSPORT – a safe environment where athletes are encouraged to challenge themselves, make mistakes and learn to find their small wins. Learn to work as a part of a team towards common goals. Routines are made up of dance, lifts, motions and cheer. CheerSPORT teams experience the excitement of competitions 2 times per year.

COST: $210 – Grade 1
ADDITIONAL COST: $165 for competition uniform
COMMITMENT: 1x 1hr class per week
AGE OPTIONS: 5-9yrs & 10-18yrs

Teaching our athletes to love the journey not the trophy is what sets our EliteCHEER programme apart from other elite sports. We provide an environment where our athletes are “free to fail”, treating mistakes as learning opportunities and looking for the small wins. Athletes are encouraged to embrace challenge, set goals & work together with their team. The pathway to Worlds & the Olympics, our elite cheer programme builds confident, accomplished young people who compete nationally and internationally against the best of the best.

Please email us on to organise a private evaluation or call us on 0800 CHEERLEADER.


“Amazing club spirit. Daughter has learnt so much, amazing coaches, lots of support and the kids have a lot of fun”

- Mandi Green

My daughters have learnt so much from the environment you have created. We really appreciate it and they recognise the skills and opportunities that cheer has provided them. Especially compared to their non-cheer friends. Cheers has not only given them physical fitness and abilities it has taught them what being part of a team means and how to lose and win well

- Loren Bruce

The last 9 years as an All Star Cheerleader have given me many amazing experiences and life lessons that have become part of what I value. I have you to thank for the friends I have made, the incredible lessons I have learnt and the life-long connections I will always keep close to my heart.

- Anonymous