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Elite Cheer builds incredible athletes but more importantly, makes great people! Our fundamental difference from other sports & activities lies in our definition of success: developing healthy, happy, empowered young people through the vehicle of cheerleading. When the focus is on the journey of the athlete, not a trophy, it encourages athletes and coaches to work more collaboratively, use long-term thinking and allows for emphasis on the development of critical soft skills like optimism, resilience, determination & emotional intelligence. Of course, this doesn’t mean that we don’t work hard, achievement is not possible without consistent effort and grit! But what we do understand is that our athletes are people first and to be successful, no matter what level they are, they need to be happy & have fun.


EliteCHEER is the pathway to New Zealand Representative competitive cheerleading. Athletes as young as 5 years old can join the elite pathway as a beginner in Level 1R and work their way up as their strength & skills increase to Level 5 World Championship Cheerleading. Athletes are evaluated & placed in a team that is best suited to their age, strength & skill level annually. They then train in these teams twice per week for up to 2hrs at a time (dependent on level). Elite teams challenge themselves by competing against other teams from all over the country 4 times per season. These competitions extend the learning opportunities and key teachable moments which help build athlete character & emotional intelligence.


All Elite Cheer training start with a circle in where coaches empower their athletes with the monthly life lesson & set goals for the day’s lesson. Athletes are engaged in an all body warm-up sequence before strengthening their bodies in preparation for the lifts and acrobatic skills required in their level routines. Athletes will work on perfecting skill elements and then implementing them in custom choreographed sections. At the end of the session, athletes will put their sections and skills together in their unique & fun routine to a custom Cheer music mix made especially for their team!


Cheerleading provides a unique opportunity to teach the value of commitment. Being a part of an elite team means being a part of something much bigger than just yourself, which also means our athletes learn to build trust and be reliable. Unlike other team sports, every team member and every position on a team is equally important. We do therefore ask our athletes to be at all scheduled training, performances & competitions, however, we also understand that our athletes need to be happy and healthy. This means we will not ask you to train when you have a contagious illness, on public holidays or during school holidays compulsorily.

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NEW ZEALAND ELITE FINALS – 2018 All Girls Elite Program: new Zealand Country

NEW ZEALAND LEGACY LEGENDZ – 2018 International Open Small Coed Level 5 Program

NEW ZEALAND LEGACY LEGENDZ – 2023 International Open Large Coed Level 5 Program


“Amazing club spirit. Daughter has learnt so much, amazing coaches, lots of support and the kids have a lot of fun”

- Mandi Green

My daughters have learnt so much from the environment you have created. We really appreciate it and they recognise the skills and opportunities that cheer has provided them. Especially compared to their non-cheer friends. Cheers has not only given them physical fitness and abilities it has taught them what being part of a team means and how to lose and win well

- Loren Bruce

The last 9 years as an All Star Cheerleader have given me many amazing experiences and life lessons that have become part of what I value. I have you to thank for the friends I have made, the incredible lessons I have learnt and the life-long connections I will always keep close to my heart.

- Anonymous 


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