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GymnasticTUMBLE is a great additional class for athletes to learn gymnastic skills from forward rolls to double fulls. Athletes progress at their own pace following our unique graduation system. Tumbling classes are not just for cheerleaders they are open to everyone.

What is GymnasticTUMBLE

GymnasticTUMBLE classes focus exclusively on gymnastics floor skills. Athletes learn the different shapes, strength, flexibility and coordination needed to perform different rolls, cartwheels, walkovers flips and more! As athletes become more advanced they learn combinations of skills linked together to show speed, power and precision.

Why GymnasticTUMBLE

More than rolls, cartwheels and flips, GymnasticTUMBLE develops strength, coordination, confidence and social skills. A big focus in GymnasticTUMBLE is teaching our athletes to be BRAVE. We do this by providing a safe environment where athletes are free to fail. This environment encourages children to embrace a challenge and face their fears. The end result is happy, confident athletes who progress more rapidly.

GymnasticTUMBLE Classes

Athletes are placed classes based on the level that best matches their ability:

Level 1
Learn: Rolls, handstands, bridges, walkovers, cartwheels, side aerials and roundoffs
Experience Required: None

Level 2
Learn: Backhandspring and Roundoff backhandspring Experience Required: athlete should be confident with a front and back walkover and a roundoff

Level 3
Learn: Backhandspring series, Front tuck, Roundoff backhandspring back tuck Experience Required: athlete should be able to perform a backhandspring and roundoff back handspring series

Level 4
Learn: Standing tuck, Backhandspring tuck, Roundoff backhandspring layout, Front aerial, Onodi
Experience Required: athlete should be confident with skills listed in level 3 above

Level 5
Learn: Jumps to back, Two to full, Roundoff backhandspring full, standing full, one to full, roundoff backhanspring double full, arabians and more!
Experience Required: athletes should be confident with all level 4 skills above

Costs & Commitment

1 hour per week, $165/term, 9 weeks per term Numbers limited to 12 athletes in each class

How to Join

You can start any GymnasticTUMBLE any time, click the link below to book in for a free trial class or an assessment.


“Amazing club spirit. Daughter has learnt so much, amazing coaches, lots of support and the kids have a lot of fun”

- Mandi Green

My daughters have learnt so much from the environment you have created. We really appreciate it and they recognise the skills and opportunities that cheer has provided them. Especially compared to their non-cheer friends. Cheers has not only given them physical fitness and abilities it has taught them what being part of a team means and how to lose and win well

- Loren Bruce

The last 9 years as an All Star Cheerleader have given me many amazing experiences and life lessons that have become part of what I value. I have you to thank for the friends I have made, the incredible lessons I have learnt and the life-long connections I will always keep close to my heart.

- Anonymous 


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